Did you know the most valuable asset of any operation is its people - staff, board members, volunteers, donors, and student? 


The goal of Inclusion Awareness Trainings is to better educate personnel on how to be more inclusive - comfortable involving individuals with disabilities in their activities, promotions, and programs. 


Together this is achieved through an array of group training, which allows personnel to learn, inquire, and engage in activities designed to teach the importance of ADA compliance and inclusion.


Below are a list of topics we cover. You can customize them based on your training needs:


-Overview of Disability Laws & Guidelines

-Compliance Requirements for Non-Profits Receiving Federal/State Funding

-Organizational Best Practices

-I'm an Individual First, with a disability second 

-Tax Benefits

-Miseducation and Attitudinal Barriers

-Deaf Cultural Norms

-Basic ASL( American Sign Language) w/ a dash of Specialized vocabulary


If you would like to receive training, please contact us.


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