Additional Services

Reasonable Accommodation Management

If you are a government agency and need reasonable accommodation assistance or management, we are here to work within your policy ensuring that managers understand their reasonable accommodation responsibilities may help prevent disability discrimination and religious discrimination.

Marketing Strategy

We will analyze your webpage and social media content to distinguish how we can better promote your services, product, or cause to individuals with hearing disabilities. For starters, accessibility symbols can be used to promote your accessibility. These symbols help advertise access service to customers, staff and other target audiences.

Advisory Consultant

On this journey of compliance and inclusivity, TRJ is able to provide you with continual support through our monthly meetings and Advisory Consultation services. We provide customizable consulting sessions every month to assist you during your process.

Create an Inclusive cultural workshops or program

Once your organization or business has completed establishing an Online Accessibility Request Portal lets create classes that are marketed to and/or inclusive of individuals with certain disabilities. 

Media Translation

Did you know English, Spanish and Sign Language are the main languages used in the United Sates? Adding Sign Language Interpretation, Spanish or English captions to your videos or audio content will create language accessibility inclusion for your product, service, or program across the United States. Don't delay in including these potential patrons. 

Sign Language Interpreter Service

For deaf and hearing impaired individuals to receive full access to your event, promotion, service, or program, a sign language interpreter is necessary.   TRJ Bridges can fulfill your communication accessibility needs.

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