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Upon completing the 5 P's evaluation and transitional plan, it is time to begin creating policies and procedures that will inform the public of your dedication to inclusion and instruct your personnel on how to implement the policies. 


Together we will create the following documents to be integrated into your organization or business practices.


-Organizational Accessibility Statement of Commitment

-Grievance Procedure

-Accessibility Standard of Customer Service

-Accessibility Emergency Procedure


For assistance in developing these practices please contact us.


Policy & Procedure Development
Picture shows a zoomed-in shot of a white table, turned to make a diamond shape, covered with paperwork with un-identifiable workings on them. There is a man of European descent on the left and another man of European descent on the right, the man on the left is only visible from the middle of his blue, striped  tie to the end of his tie which is covered by his arm which is leaning on the table, he is wearing a large, grey watch on left his wrist and is holding a black pen with his wrist right wrist leant on the table, he is holding a black pen against the paper. The man on the right has only his right arm and left fingertips visible, he is also holding a black pen against the paperwork with his right hand and his left hand is in a loose fist.
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